Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Combat Paper Project and Peace Paper Visit Montserrat

In conjunction with Montserrat's symposium "For the Record, Searching for Objectivity in Global Conflict" at the end of September, Combat Paper and Peace Paper conducted a fantastic, energizing workshop for the printmaking and book arts students.

Laurie Corral of Asheville Bookworks visits Montserrat

From left are Laurie Corral of Bookworks in Asheville, NC, Montserrat College of Art President Steve Immerman and Asst. Prof. Sarah Smith, Book Arts Coordinator.

Laurie Corral came visit while in the Beverly area. It was great to show her around Montserrat and wow her with our book arts activities (she happen to show up when Combat Paper Project was visiting!). She started Asheville Bookworks 7 years ago and it's become a very vibrant part of the North Carolina book arts scene. There's lots of opportunities there for emerging and not so emerging artists. I think Laurie will be seeing a lot of our students over the years.

Every year Asheville Bookworks puts on BookOpolis. This is the 7th year that BookOpolis has showcased contemporary book arts & original prints. BookOpolis is a weekend event displayed in the BookWorks Gallery. The weekend opens with a grand reception and unveiling on Friday evening. On Saturday, BookOpolis remains on view with an open house demonstrating the unique tools of the trade associated with papermaking, letterpress printing, book binding, and printmaking. Visitors can meet with artists and participate in guided projects. After the BookOpolis weekend, a selection of work juried from the full submission of artists’ books and prints, including Sarah Smith’s, will remain on display in the BookWorks Gallery in the Capital Works Show through Nov. 28. Margaret Mahan of Combat Paper Project shows Laurie and her family some of their paper.

Margaret Mahan of Combat Paper Project shows Laurie and her family some of their paper.

Bill Hanscom Shows how to Make Bone Folders

Bill Hanscom, Montserrat bookbinding and typography instructor shows students how to make their own bonefolders from Moose, Elk, Caribou and Deer bones.

Montserrat Bookbinding 2 students visti North Bennet Street School

Jeff Altepeter, head of the Bookbinding Department at North Bennet Street School in the North End of Boston showed Montserrat's Bookbinding 2 class some things about working with leather when we visited in the spring. I think some future leather workers were created that day!

Amos Kennedy visits Montserrat!

Book artist, letterpress printer, and paper maker Amos Kennedy Jr. occupies a printmaking studio in rural Akron, Alabama. His posters and books share a traditional American aesthetic, promoting social justice and historical inquiry into our nation's past. Amos came to visit us, show his movie and work with Montserrat's students in March. It was a fabulous time, full of energy and ideas.